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At Concorde Corporation Elite Sports Group, we have made it our mission to assist, develop & nurture young footballers from across the global, helping them achieve success in the world of football. Our tripartite system is recognised globally boasting some of the most sort after training & mentoring programmes in Britain. 

The Tripartite system consisting of The CCE Foundation, CCE Academy & CCELITETRAINING provides unique specialised services which are tailored to support every client which we interact with both on and off the pitch as they negative through the world of football.

If its off-season at our prestigious academy players pre-season camp or exclusive showcase events in front professional scouts and agents for the UK's best unsigned talent or specialised position specific one to one training with our experienced coaches we provide each and every player with the skills, knowledge, training & exposure to be successful not only football but also in life. 

Nurturing the next generation of talent in the UK has become our forte, working both signed academy footballers from premier league and EFL club to bright stars making their journey through England’s grassroot system. 

Whatever your journey, whatever your mission - We are here to lay the foundations for your future success,. At CCESG hard work, determination, a drive to succeed in everything we do as company is culture that is internalised by each and every one of the players we work with. Hard work beats talent when talent does no work hard. 

We are Elite. We Are CCESG.





Cameron Grant  

A young innovative director who founded CCESG back in 2020, since then he has played an instrumental role in the projection of the company, making Concorde Corporation Elite Sports Group one of the most successful sports companies in the United Kingdom.


  • Ex player at Brighton & Hove Albion

  • Ex player at Millwall FC

  • Degree in BSc Management & Organisational Psychology 

  • Licensed FA Coach

  • Licensed FA Scout


Adam Bambroffe 

The Warwick University Graduate takes a hands-on approach to all operations at CCESG. Handling all scouting and coaching operations he has had a vital part to play in the company's success in the past few years.


  • Former Philippines International

  • Former National League Youth Player

  • Degree in BSc Business & Innovation 

  • Licensed FA Coach

  • Licensed FA Scout

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