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The Elite Sports Perfomance Consultant & Our  Managing Director who founded the company in 2020, takes a hands-on approach in all sectors of the company. A former Premier League academy player, who took the initiative to start up CCESG, his determination for success has propelled the company to the top of the game.


Dwayne Campbell - AFC Wimbledon

Harry Hedges - AFC Wimbledon 

Jamil Awoyeje - AFC Wimbledon

Charlie Burton - AFC Wimbledon

Mason Phillips - AFC Wimbledon 

Malachi Kamara - AFC Wimbledon

Huxley Cherrington - AFC Wimbledon 

Shak Phillips - Arsenal FC

Qwan Phillips - Arsenal FC

Loland Dizayee - Brighton & Hove Alibion

Sammy Famodimu - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Jeriah Boateng - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Harrison Brown - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Nathan Dawson - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Tate Ormonde - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Hughie Collins - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Tate Williams - Brighton & Hove Albion

Juliano Martin -  Brighton & Hove Albion 

Jude Gearing - Brighton & Hove Albion

Johnny Haywood - Brighton & Hove Albion

Eden Ormonde - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Shayon Leslie - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Harley Strange - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Theo Outen - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Adam Brett - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Isiah Alakiu - Brighton & Hove Albion

Shia-Lee Burham - Charlton Athletic 

Phoenix Valentine - Charlton Athletic 

Recce Bellis - Charlton Athletic 

Omari Bailey - Charlton Athletic 

Tabore  Agbandje - Charlton Athletic 

Korede Awoniyi - Charlton Athletic


Sol Gordon -  Chelsea FC

Ryan Zie - Chelsea FC

Ezra Tika-Lemba - Chelsea FC

Broghan Sewell - Chelsea FC

Jack Quigley - Chelsea FC

Jacob Dako - Chelsea FC

Kai Martin - Colchester United 

Jaiden Drakes-Thomas - Colchester United


Elijah Burke - Crystal Palace FC

Nas Campbell - Crystal Palace FC

Emilio Brazer - Crystal Palace FC

Ari Dedinca - Crystal Palace FC

Kairo Smith - Crystal Palace FC

Jahmai Barrett-Lyn - Crystal Palace FC

Joel Drakes-Thomas - Crystal Palace FC

Jacob Fasida - Crystal Palace FC

Callum Kauder - Fullham FC

Ruban Khan - Fullham FC

Kieran Francis - Gillginham FC

Dylan Mirakian - Kansas City FC

Kieran Francis - Leyton Orient FC


Sasha Viera - Millwall FC

Sheldon Kendall - Millwall FC

Jayden Tektas - Millwall FC

Oli Shield - Millwall FC

Beau McCoy- Millwall FC

Besart Topalloj - Millwall FC

George Sapsford - Millwall FC

Kwame Poku - Peterborough United

Nazair Villa - Southend United

Issac Redman - Southend United

Harrison Miles - Southampton FC

Austin Miles - Southampton FC

Tynan Thompson - Tottenham Hotspur FC

Harry Bryne - Tottenham Hotspur FC

Yerime Ouattara - Tottenham Hotspur FC

Aaron Kamara - West Ham United

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